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Freeview Aerials

Are those little Freeview aerials that are about 6 inches high any good? You usually get them with the Freeview USB sticks, but I've already got Freeview and just need the aerial if it's any good.

There's loads of them on eBay so might grab one this weekend.

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It depends on your freeview region and how close you are to the transmitter really; out of curiousity I tried the one that came with a scart freeview unit and it picked up a few channels but not as many as my regular aerial (which is not a surprise really as it's much bigger with a higher gain). The ones that it did pick up were of a lower signal strength/quality but some were still strong enough to be watchable.


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Small aerials needs to be powered or amplified to be any good with freeview.
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I have a Freecom USB Freeview stick which comes with one of those aerials and am in an excellent signal reception area.

I found it [the aerial] to be totally ineffective and had to resort to a feed off my standard house system.
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