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Intermediate video editor for Windows

I'd like recommendations for the above please - a step up from Windows Movie Maker, but not a full blown thing like Premiere.

I'd like something complex enough to be able to fix an A/V offset in a movie, import anything I throw at it, and maybe combine a bit of one video in the corner of the main window, PIP style. I don't need to be able to do inverse telecine, whatever that is

Any suggestions?
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Guest 46034
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Sony vegas is quite good and powerful if needed.
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sony vegas would be too much money at a guess, but they do a cut down version called movie studio which is just the same, but has less features.

Other then that you have the likes of pinnacle, ulead and there is a cut down version of premiere, but I've always had problems with pinnacle and ulead crashing.

so my money is still on vegas movie studio though

you can download a free 30 day trial too
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I have always liked Pinnacle's stuff because it is easy to get some decent effects without getting bogged down - try a demo of their light-weight package.
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How about Premiere Elements (the cut down version of premiere) dont think its that expensive either
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