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Couple of questions

Couple of Questions ere folks.

1-Ive had Unbreakable region 1 since july,ive been so busy i did not get around to opening it until yesterday,i found out the 2 alex ross cards were missing,i then read that you can still get them somehow,how can I??and is it too late

2-Nixon 2 disc,was only released in the Oliver stone box set about 13-14 months ago with so called plans to release it seperate in around spring 01,but there has been no sign or rumors is there anyway i can contact touchstone/b.vista dvd distributors usa,who the disc is under to ask them what is going on,i think they have totally forgotten about it
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IIRC on the Unbreakable side of things, the Canadian Release went out without the Alex Ross cards. Seeing as Play and the likes get most of their R1's from Canada, most copies that ended up in the UK did so without these cards included.

I'm not sure of any way of getting them, though newsgroup reports at the time were that they weren't too fantastic anyway
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