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Streaming music files to PS3 with Nero - Problems

Just set up Nero Media Home to stream my music files to my PS3. All works fine in that it plays them properly however there is an issue in that not all of the tracks display the artist/album details etc and I'm not sure why.

I'll start of by saying that all my music is stored in iTunes and according to that, all the tracks have artist/album details recorded against them and a majority also have album artwork.

When I browse using the ps3, I get a folder with unknown artist etc and there are loads of songs in there. In the "all music" option, I get the song titles but the artist doesn't always appear.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. For example, I ripped one album to iTunes and yet only some of the tracks have the artist name appearing together with the artwork. I didn't rip some tracks first etc.

Also, in the "all music", it gets as far as tracks beginning with the letter "L" and then stops. Anyone know if there's a limit on how many files can appear in shared folders? If I go to the "artist" folders, songs with titles beginning with later letters than "L" appear and can be selected.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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