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Chaos (David DeFalco), Hostel (Eli Roth), Murder-Set-Pieces (Nick Palumbo), The Devil's Rejects (Rob Zombie), Wolf Creek (Greg McLean).

All claiming the crown of the most terrifying, horrific gorefest of 2005.

Which ones have you seen? And do they live up to the title so far?

What with all the fairly inane teens-on-the-run slashers of late, I'm looking forward to some balls-to-the-wall frightfests. Bring it on.
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Roger Ebert just trashed 'Chaos' and you should be able to find the review on his website, he also got involved in a bit of a slanging match with the film-makers.

'Hostel' looks great, and I think there's been 2 or 3 bad reviews for it, but there's also been a ton of good ones.

'Murder-Set-pieces' is one of the worst films I've ever laid eyes on. Palumbo even uses a 3 year old girl in one scare scene who genuinely looks absolutely terrified. Anyway, I think you can google this film and find all the bad reviews for it.

'Devils Rejects' I enjoyed, if you can 'enjoy' that type of flick. It's pretty relentless though and I don't think it's suitable for some people.

I've heard good things about 'Wolf Creek' though, and hopefully I'll get to see it soon.
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