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Upcoming Shows this Fall/Autumn on US TV?

I know Kryten and/or camaj used to do a thread with major 'coming soon' new series on US TV but I couldnt find one for this coming 'fall'

So...unless a clever clogs points me to a dupe ... can we use this this thread to keep track of new/returning shows on USA TV which are worth catching?


'Lost' Season 2 -- late 2005.

'Rome' - starts 23rd August on HBO. Co-produced with the BBC.

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"Reunion" and "Prison break" are the two new ones to look out for so far.
There are seperate threads for both of them as well as a few other new series "Bones","Supernatural" etc...
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Threshold, Invasion and Fathom are all new genre series. Kolchak the nightstalker is back as well
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Originally Posted by snowball
So...unless a clever clogs points me to a dupe .

Right here

I am planning to do another one when the premier dates are announced, purely because people start threads and then don't update the first post so readers have to trawl the thread looking for the actual news
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Originally Posted by camaj

Probably best kept to that thread for now until we have exact dates on the shows starting

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