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Couple of E50 Questions

OK, the scenario is that I'm very happy with my Sony DSP900VS but want a recorder but I have some questions based around whether I need an adapted Panny E50 player (my Sony is Region Free and Macro free)

1) Can I record NTSC discs on the E50 if the E50 is not region free?

2) Can I watch discs without macro protection if looping my Sony through the E50? i.e. my sony is playing the disc and is removing macrovision, I assume the E50 won't put it back on somehow??? My TV can't handle Macrovision.

Answers on a postcard.
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I have the same Sony and been looking at the same Panny recorder.

The Panasonic can record in NTSC as well as PAL. The region should not come into it. You have to select the format in the recorders setup.

If the Sony is macrovision free (lucky you) then the disc is not activating the players macrovision. It just feeds the RGB signal through the Panasonic.
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