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Charlton Heston - R. I. P.

It has just been announced that Charlton Heston has died at age 83.

I take it for granted that lovers of classic movies recognise Charlton Heston's contribution to English-language cinema culture. Admittedly, and he did himself admit it, he was lucky that at the beginning of his career he made two films with Cecil B. DeMille. As Heston himself put it "if you can't make it with two DeMilles, you'll never make it."

For a long time Heston was not granted appropriate credit for his work by many critics, professional and amateur. I suspect this ties in with the point Derek Elley makes in his classic book The Epic Film that many critics might be very knowledgeable about fashionable aspects of movies yet be totally ignorant about history, The Bible and The Classics. Heston himself made the point more than once in interviews that in many ways it is far more difficult to play "big" characters against a big canvas than to play in small tense dramas.

Heston's place in history is assured because he appeared in so many movies that will alway be revived or watched on DVD and, I assume, soon on high definition discs.
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