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Wonder Woman 1984 - ehh?

Not sure how Chris Pine comes back but I guess Gal Gadot can make any man rise.
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The trailer looks great, looking forward to this. Not sure how Steve is back, no doubt time travel or frozen in the ice

Kristen wiig is playing a Kristen wiig character I noticed
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Ho hum...
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There was a line from the apparent baddie about getting something in return, so maybe he brings him back somehow?

Looks really good though. I wasn't sure about Gal Gadot before I saw the first film, but she plays the part very well.
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So is this based on a specific comic book storyline or are they again just trying to capitalise on this current trend for 80s nostalgia?
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Apparently the baddie

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Looks fun, hope it's a little more than laughing at 80's fashions though.
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Originally Posted by Spaceranger2001 View Post
Apparently the baddie

I thought she was wearing the Eagle armour so she can fight Cheetah safely - needs it to protect her from Cheetah's claws.
Really like the trailer looks like its going to be alot of fun.
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