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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
The cgi faces didn't work at all for me. It doesn't matter how much you smear the features - it's still an old man's voice you hear and an old body you see shuffling round. The illusion of youth was totally absent; in that scene in which a 'young' Sheeran stomps on the shopkeeper who shoved his daughter, I was reminded of how Private Godfrey might have handled it.
I wasn't sure how old any of them were supposed to be. I think Sheeran was about 35 at the start of the film (?) but De Niro's head looked at least 50 and he moved like a 76 year old - which he is.

Pacino was the best thing about this.

I've now got an image in my head of Godfrey saying "you talking to me?!"

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