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How often is L2 used in a Playstation Game? (Also Mame Cab/X-Arcade interest thread)

OK, that probably sounded like a really stupid question. Let me explain.

I'm going to build a Mame Cabinet shortly inside this cab I'm having a PC and a Dreamcast (Both wired to the same control panel) I was also going to put my Saturn and PSOne inside only for gun games (Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, Point Blank, House of the Dead etc). The PSOne and Saturn wouldn't be hooked up to the controls.

Well for ease I've decided to use my X-Arcade as the main controls as the DC adapter would solve 1 problem, but now I'm thinking I can get the PS adapter for the X-Arcade so I can play Tekken etc on the X-Arcade aswell.

However, I have 1 issue with the X-Arcade...

Those 2 buttons highlighted with my l33t photoshop skills, I hate. They arn't needed for Mame (Well not in any game I've found) and the X-Arcade doesn't use em with the DC adapter plugged in so I was going to remove it from the X-Ararcade but if I do how screwed will I be for PSOne games being that the button in question relates to L2. I know certain games like Pro Evo Soccer might use it but for simple arcade games that I'd stand up next to the arcade to play (like Tekken etc) do I really need an L2 button?

Also, can you suggest some good PSOne Arcade style games

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