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Originally Posted by Tempest View Post
Just finished this myself.
I liked the fact, it was some more Star Trek at least.
Fat Data I could have done without. (what happened to the ability to do deep fakes?)

Putting all grumbles aside, and I know there are quite a few, the biggest single annoyance I had, at many point was the issue of there is something terrible about to happen RIGHT NOW. Literally not a second to waste, but lets stop and have a chat for a moment whilst this terrible thing is about to happen.
Blame the writers who normally write drama, the same thing happens on the CW shows far too much.

This was a show split in 10 parts with a couple of plots but look at all the writers and producers it took. J. Michael Straczynski wrote nearly all of Babylon 5.

The cameos were pointless and if rumours are true PS didn't want any of them.

Plus the editing on this show is awful, the phaser fight with the Irish Romulan and her submissive was Michael bay levels of cuts headache inducing.

Data was Geordie's best friend not Picard

Space flowers ffs
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Originally Posted by Spaceranger2001 View Post

Space flowers ffs


"Eat the multi-billion dollar corporate slop and pretend it's social justice, you weirdos"
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I have a suggestion for an alternate ending for this show.

The very final line of the show...........

"Oh and we made your penis twice as long"

Roll End Credits..................
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