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Originally Posted by dunkle View Post
Guessing it’s being tweaked for the next gen consoles, the “upscale” for the next box all prepared for reLease
Shouldn't make a difference. The PC version would already be beyond what is needed for that in fidelity.
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Witcher 2 final act is very short, I remember playing it on 360 which is the enhanced edition and thought that was it? witcher 3 final act is great

The studio is very different to what it was for witcher 1 to 3 and could easily afford more devs to help to finish this game. I doubt they are tweaking it for next gen console release, much as I like witcher 3 it had issues at launch. No way as bad as some other games but they changed the UI and geralt's movement and other bugs

Jim sterling did a good video about dev crunch
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I did wonder back in the day if they cut something out of Witcher 2 final act. It did seem very short. But it was a nice ending.
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