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Blade Runner: The FInal Cut - Theatrical release

I just wanted to say that I watched this in New York last week at the Ziegfield Theater - an absolutely lovely cinema. The restoration of this film has resulted in an absolutely sparkling picture quality - I was taken aback by how clear the images were, especially in the city shots. The opening title sequence (now with a subtle change where the iris reacts to the on-screen flame) was pin-sharp and the film maintains this incredible look throughout. The occasional scene where characters talk, such as when Deckard's boss calls him in to the office, felt a little soft but this was most probably the intended effect. The short story is that it looks magnificent.

The effects changes worked really well for the most part:


- When Zora crashes through the glass, the stuntwoman who provided about the same level of seamless integration as the one from 'I'm Gonna Git You Sucka' has been replaced with Joanna Cassidy's newly shot scene, as has been reported months ago. Basically the scene looks much better, with the small caveat that as she rolls on the ground her face does have a little of that cgi feel that marks it out as not completely realistic. In any case the sequence is much improved.

- The sequences with Roy Batty, both in the phone box and at the 'dove release' at the end have very nice CGI backgrounds to correct the continuity errors - the former shows a blue street background, while the latter shows the dove escaping into a rainy, night-time cityscape.

- As said elsewhere there's more violence in the deaths of Tyrell and Pris - Tyrell's eye-gouging is now shown with clear sight of oozing blood, and Pris' death is stronger with extended screaming as she is repeatedly shot by Deckard. This sequence really benefitted from the audio re-mix as the screaming was almost unbearable in this new version. It's a very effective sequence.

- The only change I found strange was the alteration of Batty's line "I want more life, *******" which has now changed to "I want more life father". Thematically it makes more sense but personally I found the original version more menacing & effective. I think this alternate line of dialogue is also to be found on the workprint version?

- Elsewhere the changes are smaller such as wire removal which works very well; a slightly longer Unicorn dream sequence and an additional shot of some dancers in a enclosure during a street scene.

I'm sure I've forgotten others but in general the film looks beautiful, very much looking forward to the Hi-def release but it's well worth checking out on the big screen if you can in New York or when it comes to London.
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