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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Anyway, theres also a version not released with a scene showing dekkard pulling the skin back on his arm to prove he is a replicant. Annoyingly, some director used used the scene in T2 as well and thats the only place the evidence exists. But its true i tell ya!
Really? Wow.

I remember reading in Paul Sammon's book (which I recommend to any and every Blade Runner fan, by the way) that there was an ending in which we see a closeup of Deckard's hand as it starts to clench. Didn't make it into the final film, of course, but Ridley apparently loved it when Fancher stuck it in there at about draft #10 or something.
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Originally Posted by scoobyood View Post
There is already a "sort of" sequel to Blade Runner....


Sacrilege isn't it!
What about this?

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