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Carol Richards RIP

Rest in peace dear Carol. I had the good fortune to speak to this wonderful, enthusiastic lady several times in the past few years. She was so cheerful and active, so wonderful to talk to, so thrilled to be sharing her memories and so very devoted to her family. She has always been one of my favorite singers. If her name is not familiar, her voice should be, as she sang for Cyd Charisse in Brigadoon and Silk Stockings (and more), for Vera-Ellen in Call Me Madam, for Bette St.Johns in The Robe, for Joan Caulfield in The Petty Girl and for many other fortunate actresses from the early to late 50s.

Here is an obit from the Web:

Carol Richards, singer, radio and television performer,
well-remembered for her duet with Bing Crosby on the hit single
"Silver Bells," died Friday in Vero Beach, Florida. She was 84.
Born on June 6, 1922, Richards won a Bob Hope talent contest in her
early 20s, moved to Hollywood and made numerous TV appearances
including I Love Lucy, Name That Tune, The Saturday Night Review, and
variety shows hosted by Ralph Edwards, Dennis Day, Pinky Lee, Edgar
Bergen, and Ezio Pinza. For four years (1953-1957), she was a regular
cast member on the Bob Crosby Show. She was the movie singing voice
for Vera Ellen in Call Me Madam, for Cyd Charisse in Silk Stockings,
Brigadoon, Deep in my Heart, and It's Always Fair Weather, and for
Betta St. John in The Robe. She worked frequently with Danny Kaye,
Jerry Lewis, and Bob Hope, and sang with the Russ Morgan and Desi
Arnez Bands.
In the 1960s, after moving to Chicago to raise a growing family,
Richards performed at numerous club dates, and appeared frequently on
Don McNeil's famous radio show, The Breakfast Club.
She was the loving mother of 15 children, 19 grandchildren, and eight
great-grandchildren. She is survived by her husband of 40 years,
Edward Swiedler.
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Did she ever make any records?
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Oh yes she did - quite a few. She can be heard on the soundtracks of Brigadoon, Silk Stockings, Deep in My Heart and The Robe. She recorded "Silver Bells" and "Sunshine Cake "with Bing Crosby as well as "The Liar Song" with Danny Kaye. She did quite a few (but now hard-to-find) solo recordings too (I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City, Kiss Me Again, Over the Rainbow...) - she could do swing tunes and semi-operatic songs with the likes of Ezio Pinza. She never recorded a whole album though. Her voice was one of the loveliest and richest I have ever heard.

EDIT: She also did a LOT of radio work.

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Bing Crosby, Brigadoon, Carol Richards, Carol Swiedler, Cyd Charisse, Deep in My Heart, I Love Lucy, R.I.P., Silk Stockings, The Robe

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