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Thanks, then - I think I'll start with HBO's The Plot Against America (2020) first, and see if that scratches the itch.
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High Castle also has been cancelled leaving no proper ending AFAIK.

Haven't seen the 4rth season yet. Don't know if I'll bother as it will just annoy me with a load of loose ends.
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It has an ending, felt a bit rushed.
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It's a solid show IMO, nothing spectacular. Last season was undoubtedly rushed and I assume they planned for at least five seasons but it was brought forward due to cost (I'm guessing). It has a proper ending though, doesn't leave you hanging.

Plot Against America is a bit of a different beast, obviously the sci-fi elements aren't in that one and it's a single closed season. I was a little disappointed by PLot tbh, but only because I expect excellence from anything David Simon does. This was simply good (much like High Castle tbh).
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Originally Posted by fivebyfive View Post
It has an ending, felt a bit rushed.
Yes the finale was poor but otherwise it was a series I really enjoyed. Best character by far is Obergruppenführer John Smith.
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