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Originally Posted by douglasb View Post
Like anything these days I imagine it's about eyes. Like if JK Rowling gave you a shout out your numbers would probably go through the roof. Doesn't matter if it's music or writing or any other creative project there's so much out there being good is only half the battle. Have you tried getting it in front of *anyone* of note - even locally? I dunno, other local writers or 'tastemakers'?
No - I tried to get in touch with a dozen or so bloggers to review it and even though most had a note on their site saying they were looking for submissions, most said they didn't have the time. I get to do one Q & A, but that's it. I suppose knowing a "tastemaker" would be useful!

Totally agree with you about being good is only half the battle. There's probably thousands of band out here who are at the same level, but it's the one or two who get lucky and are noticed by some A & R guy by accident who will make it. That's life though.
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