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Originally Posted by dbilsborough View Post
I left a 4* review for you, as I reviewed it based on how a teenager would like it.

As for feedback for you .....
Yep, just seen it, thanks.

I think that your comments are entirely valid; I started writing the book to entertain my kids (who are teenagers), but I find it impossible to write SOLELY for teenagers - I wanted to write a book that could be enjoyed by all ages, that I would enjoy, and I wanted it to be a challenge - I didn't want everything to be obvious and I didn't want to write in a dumbed-down language (if that makes sense).

So in doing all of this, I still find myself caught between saying it's a YA or it's a mystery. Also, when you say about the first 25% - again, fair comment. It's got a lot of set up, and when I re-read it, I thought that some of it (e.g. the cat up the tree) could be construed as a bit young for an adult audience and it takes a bit of time to get going on the meat of the story. At the end of the book, I wanted to square off a lot of the subplots, whilst setting up what comes next.

Anyway, this is all valueable feedback, and I appreciate it as much as the review, so thanks.

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Well that's one quote to put on the Twitter posts!
Oh yes, I'll definitely take that one.
"Well I feel like pickin' a fight with anybody who claims they're right"

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