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Forum Policy Q&A
1. Why is MovieTyme discussion banned? The decision to restrict talk of MovieTyme on the site was a joint one between ourselves and said company. MovieTyme were once a Forum sponsor but decided not to continue supporting the site when we took aboard another Region 1 retailer. They also used their sponsorship to promote their own discussion forums which at the time were in direct competition to ourselves.

2. How are decisions to ban made? In most cases, three clear breaches of the Terms and Conditions are required for a ban to be imposed. Initial bans usually run for 1 week. There are instances where bans are instant (mainly spam), and some where bans are permanent (usually multiple bans/spam).

No genuine poster will receive a ban for one offence - I've lost count of the number of times someone has said something like 'I got banned just for mentioning Movietyme' on another site. This doesn't happen - we've tried to implement an open and fair policy on bannings - every member is able to see exactly what we have marked down against them through the Black Book and they receive an email every time they're added.

3. Signature removals We get a number of complaints regarding bookings for oversize signatures. These bookings are just for our records in order to identify repeat offenders and - in the case of one off signature rule breaches - are not used when considering a ban.

4. Swearing and the auto censor If the auto censor removes an unacceptable word, there is no penalty and you won't receive an entry in the Black Book. However, if a moderator has to step in and modify a post containing an unacceptable or masked swear word or any attempt is made to bypass the auto censor a booking will be issued.

5. I saw XXX do something so thought it was OK Unfortunately, ignorance of the site rules isn't an excuse. Likewise, just because someone else does something and it appears no action is taken it doesn't mean you can do it too - we can't view each and every thread or post and rely on reports to tackle problems on the site. Therefore if you're unsure, you can either contact us to check first or use some common sense and not post something potentially troublesome.

6. 'Family Forum' The site is not and never has been a site suitable for children. Swearing is banned to prevent the site getting added to web filters and to stop people getting into trouble at work. Other than that the site isn't a 'Family Forum' in any sense of the phrase.

7. Banned email addresses There are two reasons for banning certain domains from registering - a) they're a common source of abuse or b) there are current problems with the ISP that prevent emails reaching users. In the case of AOL, they are currently blocking the forums mail server IP as it's on a spam list (it's listed as dynamic even though it is a static business address).
8. Affiliate links Running the Forums isn't cheap - our hosting costs thousands of pounds each year so in order for the site to survive, we have to make money through our advertisers, our sponsors and affiliates. This is why you'll see the moderators affiliating each and every link they see and occasionally we'll remove links to other sites who have affiliate links in competition to our own. This ISN'T out of greed, but necessity as if too many people end up with competing cookies on their PCs, we lose a huge chunk of our income and the site is put at risk. We do make a moderate profit - most of which is kept to one side to pay to run the site in the future if we make less money than we need.

9. Requests under the Data Protection Act As we do not require any personally identifiable data OTHER than users email addresses and dates of birth, and all posts and information provided is on a voluntary basis, we are not strictly subject to the DPA. We have decided however to abide by the spirit of the act and therefore it is your right to make a request to The Digital Fix with regards to receiving a copy of all personally identifiable information we hold on you. There is a charge of Ł10 to cover the time taken to retrieve this information. The DPA only covers very limited data and we hold an even smaller subset of that information. We are NOT required to supply copies of any posts made by you although we are happy to supply copies of all posts that mention you by your real, identifiable, name.

We are not an ISP and email retention laws are not applicable. It is forum policy NOT to discuss any user by name in emails and all references are made only to user accounts.

To make a DPA request, send us an email using the site's contact form facilities. We will then reply with details on administration charges and the address to send the information along with a written postal request. Once the fee has been received, we will supply the following information within forty (40) days from the receipt of the request:

Email Address
IP Addresses
Instant Messenger Addresses
Details of any infractions listed against your account
Any posts that mention you by name

As required by the act, we only store personally identifiable information for as long as it is required. Therefore accounts that are temporarily banned retain all information against them, however any accounts permanently banned are automatically purged of information within 28 days of banning, retaining only the account username. If requests are made after this time, only the information we have left will be supplied. You can also request that posts that reference you by name are also deleted, but this does NOT include posts that mention your non-personally identifiable username. The only exception being where username matches your real name.

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