View Full Version : Where do I check the wireless signal strength - Linksys wrt54g

Guest 12344
28-10-2004, 20:00
Where do I check the wireless signal strength - Linksys wrt54g?


Guest 30845
28-10-2004, 20:24
Do you mean on your computer?
If so there is normally an icon in the system tray on the taskbar that shows network connection. Mouse over this for a summary or double click for info including signal strength.

There are third party (I think) or manufacturer specific software that allow you to monitor signal strength too.

If you mean to check on the router itself then I don't know. If it is possible i would imagine it would be through the admin pages.

Guest 12344
28-10-2004, 20:30
You would of thought so but I've checked and nothing.

Guest 5985
28-10-2004, 20:31
You check the wireless signal strength on the device that is connecting to it (usually a wireless network card). For instance, Windows XP zero configuration utility uses an icon towards the right of the task bar and the D-link wireless cardbus card on my portable uses its own software to achieve the same thing. The reason why, is that it's dependent on the quality and attenuation of the aerial so it's simpler just to give a single reading that applies to what is connecting to the wireless router on the other end of the link (rather than having to poll every device via the router).

Can you give a bit more information about what you're trying to connect from.