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  1. Which online bank??
  2. Premium Bonds Questions and Answers / Winners and Losers (Part 1)
  3. Professional Studies Loan
  4. Is this the start of the long predicted housing crash?
  5. £1 Pound=$1.95 Dollar (Now $1.35 Jan 23)
  6. Virtual Credit Card?
  7. Northern Rock seeks emergency help from BoE
  8. NatWest - FREE Credit Card Reader.
  9. Mortgage overpayments (cj please look in)
  10. 2 year fix deal over....Remortgaged
  11. Are you planning on making spending cutbacks?
  12. Which Credit Card?
  13. A Short Guide to Making an Insurance Claim
  14. Online banking without stupid home card readers
  15. Credit Crunch - How has it affected your workplace?
  16. Bank of England Base Rate kept at 5% again
  17. Tax rebate this month or not?
  18. Working out mortgage interest with an offset account?
  19. The Credit Crunch Thread (7 Oct: RBS Shares Collapse, IceSave withdrawals blocked!)
  20. Some Pension Advice
  21. Check your cost of living Increase
  22. US interest rate cut...Any effect on £ - $ rate?
  23. Question regarding thei LLoyds TSB and HBOS take over
  24. Unofficial Supposed Credit Crunch Money Saving Tips Thread
  25. US Government to buy out all the bad loans!
  26. Which ISA?
  27. Scuse me guv, can you spare 700 billion?
  28. Are you wasting over £700 a year on electricity?
  29. Nationwide account holders - looky here
  30. Bank Transfers (between banks) now go through in 2 hours?
  31. Understanding bankruptcy
  32. Kaupthing Edge being investigated?
  33. Car prices down 21.2% - Good time for a discount?
  34. How long does it take for a cheque to clear?
  35. What shares to buy
  36. Remortgage - Should i fix or not?
  37. Sending money to America
  38. Extending home rather than moving?
  39. The Finance Affiliate Links Thread
  40. GM and Chrysler in merger/buyout talks?
  41. What banks/buidling societies do you recommend?
  42. The Credit Crunch Thread 2 - How low can we go?
  43. Negative Equity
  44. Are Barclaycard the most hopeless credit card company ever? Formerly Morgan Stanley.
  45. HSBC & Nationwide not passing on rate cut
  46. What are the tax implications of giving a relative money?
  47. Cahoot Internet Banking problems?
  48. Marbles adjusted my credit limit - maybe they're feeling the crunch?
  49. ISA interest rates - confused....
  50. Interest Rates down to 1%? (YES they have! now just 0.5%)
  51. How long for child benefit kicks in?
  52. the icesave thread
  53. ING gets £7.7bn cash from Dutch Government
  54. Large debit card fraud, Abbey not interested?...
  55. Is Nat West's e-savings account paying 6.31% ?
  56. Withdrawing from a CC with a positive balance?
  57. Anyone heard of ICICI Bank?
  58. Possibly missold an endowment policy - but don't have the paperwork anymore ??
  59. Barnsley BS gets the chop
  60. How to work out APR on credit card from monthly interest
  61. Changing mortage lender
  62. Alliance & Leicester current account - and their travel insurance
  63. Share Markets - Barking Mad ?!
  64. Recommend me a business Bank Account
  65. Alliance & Leicester PPI Misselling
  66. Advice on buying hong kong dollars?
  67. Barclays' Middle Eastern fundraising under fire
  68. Self-Employed: what % of software purchases tax deductable?
  69. BOE Rate down to 3% from 4.5%
  70. Taxable Benefit In Kind - Private Health Insurance
  71. good savings accounts - post 7th Nov
  72. Home Insurance Renewal
  73. Banks withdraw trackers
  74. Which Cash ISA in current climate?
  75. Offset Mortgage Payments Question
  76. Dumb tax question
  77. Pension - can I take the money out and stick it in a savings account?
  78. Accountant costs - does this sound high?
  79. Business Bank Accounts
  80. Calculating monthly interest on mortgage
  81. Customs duty threshold raised to £127!
  82. Possible tax changes and the pre-budget report
  83. Do you think there will still be 0% cards next July?
  84. What to do with some of your mums money!! -
  85. what term describes this type of payment?
  86. Transferring an ISA counted as opening an ISA?
  87. Personal Loan Question
  88. Best Mortgage Options
  89. Taxable "benefits in kind"
  90. Can someone explain the new customs and vat rules on imports please!
  91. Is there really a credit crunch going on?
  92. Spend your Shopping Vouchers Now!
  93. Pensions: Do you expect to retire in your 60s?
  94. Another bank goes bust (London Scottish Bank) but gov bail out all savers!
  95. ISA or Regular Savings Account?
  96. Saving accounts dropping more than BOE rates (Nationwide)
  97. Best credit card? Non 0% etc...
  98. Higher Tax band rate & Savings query.
  99. Children’s Tax Allowance for the Year 2002/3: anyone made a claim?
  100. savings accounts for children
  101. Abbey warn flexible mortgage holders over falling equity
  102. bank transfer question
  103. European banks exposed to the latest $50bn US hedge fund scandel
  104. More Doom & Gloom etc etc
  105. Missed a credit card minimum repayment
  106. Riding the Irish Wave....
  107. whats the best place for regular savings?
  108. Do debit cards have a limit (for buying stuff)?
  109. Best way to release the capital in a house which has no mortgage?
  110. Investment help
  111. Card fraud - who should be refunding me?
  112. Best ISA at the moment? (transfer in needed)
  113. Time Limit on Cheques?
  114. Pay for utility bills on business when running from home
  115. Offset mortgage - Good idea at the moment?
  116. Tax question if renting out house
  117. Home Contents Insurance
  118. Will the current financial crisis lead to a breakdown of civilization as we know it?
  119. Is the Self-Assessment Site down for anyone else?
  120. Can I make certain my children don't pay tax?
  121. Savings - safer alternative to banks?
  122. We now own 43.4% of Lloyds TSB HBOS Bank - EDIT: make that 65%
  123. Cheaper loans?
  124. Quick (and probably stupid) tax question...
  125. Nationwide: Really a good deal for overseas cash? - Not any more!!!
  126. PCP Loan Calculator
  127. Credit Crunch Solution
  128. Should I sell my house and move into rented accom? All details inside.....
  129. Another bank bailout today (Jan 19)
  130. Not A Good Time To Be A Saver
  131. Moving to an Interest Only Mortgage
  132. Will the Pound-Euro exchange rate get better soon?
  133. Alternatives to the currencies of cash
  134. UK officially in recession
  135. Anyone a member of a Credit Union?
  136. How do I lodge a formal complaint again Barclaycard for harrassment?
  137. Self Assessment Help Disappointing Helpline
  138. Self Assessment HELP !!
  139. 'Extra' tax credit for kids born in 02/03 ??
  140. Banks were just three hours from collapse?
  141. Goodwill?
  142. Best credit/debit card to use in US and Canada?
  143. Company car
  144. Work/Taxed in France, Paid in Britain..help!
  145. please delete
  146. 23 years old, have 35k saved - What should I do?
  147. Someone in your house severely sight impaired? 50% off your TV licence.
  148. .
  149. Car finance schemes - Credit rating impact?
  150. Good place to compare current ISAs?
  151. Are all electronic bank transfers pretty much instant nowadays?
  152. mortgage help plz
  153. Overdraft / Credit Card rates
  154. Need to exchange dollars for euros- best way or withdraw euros from ATM abroad?
  155. Can one person have 2 mortgages on 2 different properties?
  156. Finding a job
  157. Want a three week travelling holiday- where is the pound better value?
  158. Banker in charge of FSA resigns...
  159. Comparing Pension Funds? (aka. Norwich Union suck!)
  160. Business bank accounts - 0% interest!!
  161. unconventional unconventional measures!!
  162. Buying and selling shares? easiest way?
  163. Getting a mortgage as a contractor - Advice please
  164. Should I join the company pension scheme.
  165. visa debit v visa credit
  166. FTSE in absolute freefall today
  167. Income protection - Unemployment / Accident / Sickness
  168. Financial Tax/NI implications of recieving a salary advance from work?
  169. Can my company pay my house deposit?
  170. Why is no one taking note of Sweden's "Good Bank / Bad Bank" solution?
  171. Cheapest - Reliable - Way to Send Money Abroad
  172. ethics v money gain aka should I take the credit card
  173. Recommend me a Credit Card please
  174. Best Bank?
  175. Mortgage Interest Rate Question...
  176. over-pay credit card to get positive balance & good rate of interest - downside ?
  177. Opening two ISAs in one year?
  178. Business Contracts... and Mortgages.... BLARGGGHHH
  179. bic and iban codes?
  180. Tell me what I already know....
  181. Should I Move My Nationwide Cash ISA?
  182. Nationwide Credit Card - now introducing charge for overseas
  183. Pensions: cash funds? what are they?
  184. The Daily show vs CNBC and the financial crisis
  185. 3 1/2 years on a fixed mortgage at 5.5%... worth changing?
  186. Mortgage Advisor Required
  187. Employer Returns
  188. any savings accounts pay monthly interest?
  189. Removing Default From Credit Record
  190. I got some good advice from my financial advisor
  191. Credit Crisis for Dummys!
  192. 'This has never been done before' - Total Devaluation
  193. Travel Insurance - who do you recommend?
  194. Wtd: $$$
  195. Tracker mortgage
  196. ISA help please!
  197. It's ISA time of year...
  198. Life cover with a critical illness
  199. How much of saving in the UK is safe now?
  200. Real time of tracking of stocks / shares
  201. Mortgage payments with remortgage
  202. Help with assets - how to think of them financially, to divide ?
  203. Do inactive bank accounts get deleted permantly?
  204. Cheap long term loan
  205. Visa card in credit?
  206. Stocks and Shares ISA
  207. Best account for £70k-ish house deposit?
  208. bank transfer 'lost'...
  209. What are your predictions for the budget?
  210. Keeping credit card with zero balance
  211. Does Barclays charge commission for currency exchange?
  212. Late tax return
  213. Best Credit Card (Paying Balance In Full)
  214. Mortgages - First Time Buyer
  215. post bankruptcy advice please...
  216. Freelance/self employed tax fun
  217. Slightly complicated housing/mortgage/financial situation - advice?
  218. Walking away from a mortgage
  219. Taking an interest only but overpaying?
  220. Bank charges query
  221. Mortgages - fixed or tracker? Crystal ball anyone?
  222. Fixed rates starting to drop?
  223. Calculating Tax On A Second Job
  224. Commercial / Residential Mortgage? equity debt consolidation issues ahhh!!!
  225. Egg Money Manager and Barclays Pin Sentry
  226. Paying dollar cheques to UK bank account?
  227. Changing Current Account
  228. Student Loans Repayments
  229. USA Changes to Credit Card Laws
  230. Don't Renew Direct Line Home Insurance
  231. Beware when buying foreign currency
  232. savings...any suggestions
  233. [Mortgage] Advice or Non-Advice
  234. Selftrade Replacement Required...
  235. Parental house sale.. Is this possible?
  236. Estate Agents - Should I Tell Them My Max. Spending Limit?
  237. Tax credit renewal - declaring medical insurance
  238. 2nd Property Viewed and I Really Liked It
  239. Elephant or Admiral?
  240. Checking your tax code
  241. Emergency tax
  242. ownhome.co.uk - Anyone used?
  243. Re-mortgaging
  244. Car Insurance - "More Than" any good?
  245. Should post-dated cheques be accepted by a bank?
  246. 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals
  247. West Brom BS In Trouble and to be rescued
  248. Credit Card Bouncing
  249. 0% credit card to use for paying an individual
  250. Anyone got "Confused.com" cust tel number please.