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  1. Subtitle "moments"
  2. Gattaca, great sci-fi, anyone own the dvd?
  3. The Keep DVD
  4. The Sword and the Sorcerer DVD
  5. Waldo Pepper - R4 but not R2?
  6. Enemy Mine "German" deleted scene classified at BBFC!?
  7. New Enemy of the State DVD
  9. The Best demo dvds as recomended by you lot, Inc: Dolby Digital + dts
  10. Whats the best release of His Girl Friday?
  11. The Hot Spot due in May
  12. The Ultimate Hitchcock DVD & Blu-Ray Thread
  13. Lake Placid - Full Rate DTS - Japanese Region 2 Review
  14. China Strike Force UK R2 Rental - dubbed ?
  15. Girl with a pearl earring
  16. Loaning Out Your DVDs.
  17. 'A Night to Remember' Criterion DVD...mint disc, doesn't play on any machine!?
  18. Why no James Cagney?
  19. Sleepers R2 re-released - now with OAR!
  20. W.C. Fields R1 & R2 Box Sets from Universal
  21. Sam Peckinpah - Best dvd releases of his films ?
  22. Nightbreed question
  23. National Lampoon; Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure R2 dvd
  24. Memento 3 Disc SE
  25. DEAD OR ALIVE:FINAL (miike takashi) dvd releases anyone?
  26. The Long Good Friday
  27. HD-DVD / Blu-ray - what's coming your way...
  28. New release of Sorcerer?
  29. New R1 David Lynch's Dune coming ...
  30. Colossus: The Forbin Project
  31. 'I am a Director of Westerns' - The Ultimate John Ford Thread
  32. Hard Target - Is there a longer cut available? On which region?
  33. [Blu-Ray] Terrence Malick - The New World
  34. [Blu-Ray] Soudain Le Vide (Enter the Void) - Gaspar Noe's latest!
  35. Italian Sword & sandal
  36. The Definitive Studio Ghibli DVD Thread
  37. IAMMMMW; 'Original' vs 'Roadshow' editions
  38. The Classic Detectives Thread
  39. John Huston recommendations please
  40. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray merger still a possibility!
  41. Sin City in Hd
  42. My HD-DVD impressions
  43. Monsters, John! Monsters from the id! Warners 'Forbidden Planet SE' R1, & R2 June '07
  44. Training Day reviewed in HD DVD and Blu-ray
  45. Blueray and HD DVD players. Expected pricing?
  46. Brazil coming to HD
  47. TV on HD-DVD
  48. The future of classic films on HD?
  49. The Searchers DVD Transfer; Warners Tell Their Story...
  50. Format war over, HD-DVD wins...
  51. The Classic Western Thread part two
  52. HD-DVD?, BLU RAY? - It doesn't matter now!! - Dual player on the way
  53. HD-DVD - European launch date
  54. King Kong and The Hulk on HD-DVD
  55. HD-DVD/DVD Combos?
  56. Toshiba HD DVD Europe Interview
  57. Bluray/HD-DVD/DVD tripple combo discs on the way
  58. Does an HD-DVD Drive for a PC Exist?
  59. HD DVD disc Availability
  60. DVD Forum kicks off HD DVD region-coding scheme
  61. BluRay v HD-DVD : The Press
  62. First UK HD-DVD Titles
  63. UK HD-DVD Launch Looking Shakier by the Minute?
  64. Video about BluRay and HD-DVD
  66. Blueray - The movie that will win the format wars
  67. R1 HD-DVD, a list of titles out now/coming soon wtd
  68. When did films go HD?
  69. UK HD-DVD Cases - Grrrr!!!
  71. Superman returns HD DVD COMBO region 2??
  72. any shops stocking hd dvd yet ?
  73. Cheap HD-DVD discs?
  74. Warner UK titles HD DVD and Blu Ray
  75. HDDVD/BluRay don't actually exist. Its all an internet rumour.
  76. Petition for more studio backing for HD-DVD
  77. Apollo 13 on HD-DVD - Recommended
  78. HMV Two Page Ad for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
  79. Mission Impossible 1,2 & 3: Ultimate Missions Collection (HD DVD)
  80. Is Planet Earth coming onto HD-DVD?
  81. The Thing HD-DVD: Highly recommended
  82. Buying hd-dvd from the usa...
  83. Superman The Movie on HD-DVD
  84. 2 thumbs up for fear and loathing on hd dvd
  85. Will cinemas start showing movies in HD format?
  86. HD-DVD prices go mental at HMV?!
  87. What about European, Far Eastern, ... movies on HD-DVD?
  88. HD-DVD Superman Returns - poor?
  89. Enter The Dragon on HD-DVD - Recommended
  90. Is there much difference between an upscaled DVD and a HD-DVD in term of pic quality?
  91. I just don't get it.... (HD-DVD)
  92. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Bargain Thread!
  93. Anyone had a disc that won't play yet?
  94. Newbie HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Questions/Answers?
  95. UK HD-DVD Reviews?
  96. Miami Vice on HD DVD - any comments?
  97. World Trade Centre HD DVD - Recommended
  98. Future Releases on HD-DVD?
  99. Superman Returns on HD-DVD - Recommended
  100. The Hulk HD-DVD-Recommended
  101. Yikes, HD-DVD/Blu-ray already cracked!
  102. THE SEARCHERS HD DVD 1,78:1 USA vs 1,85:1 UK??
  103. How do I find out if a film I like will be available in HD-DVD ?
  104. Crank HD DVD?
  105. Is HD DVD Region coded or Region free?
  106. More choice of HD DVD's from Europe
  107. Dual format discs + Dual format player
  108. Radical DVD storage ideas needed!
  109. The Deer Hunter on HD-DVD - Recommended
  110. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang HD-DVD
  111. HD DVD Questions
  112. "Planet Earth" HD/BlueRay DVD Update.
  113. Unusual result for HD-DVD?
  114. Riddle Of The Sands R2
  115. "Black Rain" UK HD DVD coming soon.
  116. Star Trek movies/OS:TV HD-DVD exclusive in 2007
  117. HD DVD; RAN and Three days of the Condor from Universal in Norway
  118. My HD DVD wish list
  119. Daft Q about Blu-v-HD based on their plastic packaging
  120. [HD-DVD / Blu-Ray] LOTR Trilogy: Some details
  121. UK HD v US HD??
  122. Best HD DVD (Audio & Video)
  123. Full metal Jacket USA or UK HDDVD - which is better?
  124. TV Shows on HD DVD and BD
  125. Universal Plans 100 New HD DVD Titles in 2007
  126. Hi-def DVD can be hacked.
  127. The Blu-ray/HD-DVD Vs SD-DVD Thread
  128. HD DVD - a future question
  129. More Warner HD titles coming soon.
  130. Universal HD titles announced.
  131. HD-DVD - Digital Video Essentials.
  132. Blu-ray now outselling HD DVD 2:1
  133. alice cooper hd dvd - playing problem
  134. HD DVD-How will we know...
  135. Recommend me a HD-DVD/Blu-Ray... should I upgrade??
  136. American Werewolf in London HD-DVD - good pic or not?
  137. HD disc confusion.... start of things to come?
  138. Where do you buy US Blu-ray or HD-DVD's?
  139. Opinions on these HD titles?
  140. 'Total HD' Discs win the war..?
  141. HD-DVD combo discs - a question
  142. The Departed -HDDVD out now
  143. "Making Sense of the High-Def DVD Numbers "
  144. I chose HD over Blueray. What a mistake!
  145. Could "The Thing" be coming to UK HD DVD at last?
  146. HD-DVD/BLU-RAY - Are most bare bone discs?
  147. I need a cheap "Harry Potter 4" HD DVD
  148. Rebellion/Equilibrium HD-DVD
  149. FEAST - In April (HD-DVD)
  150. New HD title on Play.com
  151. The Prestige on HD DVD
  152. Are HD-DVDs available to rent yet?
  153. The only thing that HD DVD got right is having DVD in the name. oh and porn.
  154. 3x DVD = HD DVD 'lite'
  155. HD dvd tv shows ?
  156. The Good The Bad and The Ugly HD DVD
  157. HD DVD & Blu-Ray Title 'Compatibility Issues'
  158. New European HD-DVD Titles
  159. Best site to buy HD-DVD from outside UK?
  160. New HD-DVD Titles On The Way
  161. Dreamworks First HD Releases is...
  162. Eddie Murphy HD/BD double bill.
  163. Best Site For HD DVD's
  164. Robocop/Blu-Ray.
  165. Online Interactivity to Spearhead Universal's 2007 HD DVD Assault
  166. Matrix Trilogy comes to HD-DVD
  167. cheapest place for UK HD-DVD discs
  168. where to find reviews for UK HD-DVDs
  169. "The Bourne Identity" HD DVD????
  170. Children Of Men HD-DVD Possible Issue On 360HD
  171. New to HD, living in the past - just a quick question
  172. Are all HD discs 1080p
  173. Happy Feet HD/DVD Combo
  175. Terminator 2 Blu ray - which cut?
  176. good fellas,worth rebuying in HD?
  178. JARHEAD JAPAN HD DVD new master or RE-ENCODED?
  179. HD-DVD Re-Releases already?
  180. Europe = HD-DVD - Blu-Ray = USA
  181. Broken Arrow/chain Reaction Usa Blu-ray
  182. Planet Earth HD DVD breaks in to the Amazon DVD top 5.
  183. Strange HD-DVD extras problem.
  184. Things you notice for the first time on HD
  185. Superman on HD - which formats best for each title?
  186. 'The Host' coming to HD DVD in July
  187. Blu-Ray Jumps Ahead of HD-DVD (And so on)
  188. Oriental cinema on HD-DVD/blu ray?
  189. Total Recall (and other Studio Canal HD-DVDs)
  190. Any French HD-DVD recommendations??
  191. Playback problems: Australia Revealed (HD DVD)
  192. Re-Animator - new R2 Two-Discer
  193. Blu ray hd dvd question
  194. TV shows on HD-DVD?
  195. Planet earth HD-DVD hybrid disc!! Sony tactics for increasing blu-ray sales!
  196. Hard Boiled on Blu-ray... Kind of...
  197. Where do you buy your HD-DVD discs?
  198. What are your views on HD-DVD v. Blu Ray, a year or so down the line?
  199. [HD-DVD] The Graduate
  200. 2007: The year for HD DVD???
  201. HD formats: Bollywood? VMD? There is a third contender???
  202. A little info about Kubrick HD boxset. . .
  203. Ain't It Cool picks HD-DVD
  204. Galapagos to hit Blu-ray and HD-DVD in Autumn
  205. List of HD DVD/Blu Ray films
  206. Transformers HD DVD pre-order
  207. Ran (Kurosawa) HD DVD
  208. A Really Stupid HD-DVD/Blu Ray Question!
  209. Megaforce! Bostwick! Silva! On DVD at LAST!
  210. Running Scared HD-DVD: Stupid Question...
  211. The Untouchables (HD-DVD)
  212. Secret cgi blockbuster from Universal on HD DVD...Gladiator?
  213. Big list of Blu-Ray Region Compatibility
  214. UK "Planet Earth" HD DVD
  215. Kill Bill On Blu-ray! And Pulp Fiction!
  216. Infernal Affairs HK Blu-Ray July 9th
  217. HD-DVD fighting Back? Virgin Megastore
  218. Amazon and MS fund Indie HD-DVD
  219. Looks like Tartan's going with Blu-ray
  220. The Upcoming Classics Thread Ver. 2
  221. Zodiac HD-DVD?
  222. Another HD DVD studio goes neutral
  223. Terminator 2 UK HD-DVD
  224. 300 HDDVD not working on 360 HD
  225. New HD DVD feature - Firmware upgrade
  226. Region 1 hd dvd help required
  227. Lost Season 3 BD in December ?
  228. Irritating sound glitch on HD-DVD "300"
  229. Sony Pictures UK: BD upcoming release list!
  230. BladeRunner Specs Announced (BD & HD-DVD)
  231. Heroes (Season One) HD-DVD Specs Confirmed
  232. probably asked before : best HDDVD to use to demo
  233. Heroes - HD-DVD and region protection?
  234. Dirty Harry HD boxset, where is it???
  235. [HD DVD] Band of Brothers (TV series)
  236. Is US PS3 the way to go for BluRay???
  237. Transformers: 2 Disc Special Collectors Edition / HD DVD
  238. New Line HD Thread
  239. Silent Hill HD-DVD
  240. Close Encounters BD Thread (First review in)
  241. Where is CARS on Bluray?
  242. Top Gun on Blu-Ray
  243. Advice on potential HD-DVD Player Purchase
  244. MS - 5 Free HD-DVD offer comes to UK
  245. Selling HD-DVD Player Tosihiba EP-10A... how much?
  246. Essential HD-DVD Titles?
  247. Sony Blu-Ray Ad
  248. Blue Ray Region free question
  249. Planned releases for 70/35mm classics? HD-DVD / BD
  250. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix [Blu-Ray]