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Samsung tv - losing brightness/picture now "fuzzy"

I have a Samsung LE37 A559 back in July 2008. has been fine.

However this weekend, it has started losing brightness, its fine when first turned on but then the screen goes slightly pixelated within 10 mins and the colours of the sky menu are not as blue as they should be.

Its the same whether I watch tv via sky HD box or via the freeview. Also the xbox picture on another source is the same.

The only thing I can think is that we installed a monitor weekend before last that transmits what we watch (for a nationwide viewing program), have taken than off now and switched tv off overnight but still same issue today.

Any suggestions? It was a £599 tv, are they fixable or just time for a new one?
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Re: Samsung tv - losing brightness/picture now "fuzzy"

As multiple inputs appear to have the same problem it does suggest the tv is on its way sadly. I assume you didn't get it from John Lewis, as you would just be inside the warranty and would get a brand new modern equivalent!

Maybe worth giving Samsung a call to see if they would send an engineer to investigate for free?
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I doubt it - usually manufacturer warranties last only a couple of years and even then generally require the unit to be returned to them.

Dunno what's wrong, it could be the light source that is failing, in a TV that old it's probably a CCFL not LED's and they can and do fail over time.

Replacing a CCFL is often cheap and easy - but you're still going to be faced with the labour charges and the cost of the replacement part, if it wasn;t standard but custom made for this range then it may well not be available anymore.

Might be worth looking around for a local repair service that does a fixed-fee fault find and repair estimate then you can decide whether to get a new TV or not.

If you get a new one you're getting some years worth of warranty with that and it'll probably be a better one anyway. You could certainly get a much bigger screen for £600 now...and a bunch of other stuff like Smart TV and so on.

As said, John Lewis include a five year warranty with their price
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Up once again.

I fixed it last time as it appeared the power input had been knocked out a bit. When this was jiggled about with the issue went away.

Fast forward to today. Just back off 2 weeks holiday and its back again (cleaners probably dusted around it). But whatever we do, the end result is the same - clear picture for 10 seconds, then it goes pixellated a bit and then loses all brightness/one colour. Tried a different power lead (from a kettle!) and it worked for 10 seconds, then faded again.

So it does appear to be the power connection, does this make sense? Though as changing the lead doesn't fix it, its an internal issue, rather than anything we can easily change? so maybe back to whole new tv benefit versus cost of a fix?
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I don't know ... first there was the 'pool' issue, now it's people with troublesome cleaners! :P
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