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More Apps for my LG Smart TV?

I have a two new lovely LG Smart TV's at home, and finally got a chance to start playing about with it.

Problem I have is that I don't see Apps for the likes of ITV, 4OD and other popular ones.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get these and where I look for them?
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When i had a LG TV you updated it via the dongle or network port

There will be a setting to update firmware this changes the apps as well
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I'm not sure if they are actually available. iPlayer is there but I had a search about and can't see 4OD or ITV player
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I looked into this a while ago. they are updates from Samsung, not 'apps' like the ones you can download to your PC /phone.

It seems like Samsung only put on the apps they want to/are paid to. So you just get iplayer. They even took off google maps a rew months ago!

I even e-mailed them about it..so unless you want to play bejwelled..you're stuffed
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