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PS3 Racing Car Game

Hi all.
Could someone recommend me a good racing car game for the ps3. It must have good online gaming with descent reviews. In the past I liked Ridge Racer games, but that was many years ago.

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Mr M0by
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Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box edition. Easily the best non-sports/simulation racing car game for the ps3. That i've played.

....think that's covered with enough disclaimers in there. Seriously though, would definitely recommend it, particularly as I would expect you'll probably be able to buy it for around £10-£15 new.


Very closely followed by MotorStorm 2: Pacific Rift.... it does feature bikes, buggys & trucks though.

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Yeah, I'd go along with Motorstorm PR.

Depends on what you want really as there are so many niches within the genre, I'd recommend GT prologue as a cheap taster until the proper game comes out, GRID and Dirt 2 are pretty good as well and they cover a range of disciplines from le mans, to pack style racing in touring cars, supercar racing, drifting and Dirt 2 is chock full of stuff to do plus its crazy when played with a wheel.

NFS Shift isn't bad either, the handling feels like its making you work far too much but if you can pick it up on the cheap its worth a bash and they added team racing recently.

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