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JVC TV suddenly not working...

Was sitting down watching a bit of evening tv and all of a sudden the TV shuts itself off. I presume I hit the remote or something similar, but no.. when I press the on button or a channel button, I hear a ticking sound (kinda like a TV equivalent of trying to get a car to turn over) as the LED light turns green, then shuts itself back off again. No picture or anything.

Sounds to me like its knackered, its 2 years and a bit old (xmas present year before year before last) and the store we bought it from is gone.. (Alders? something like that anyway) no idea what kind of warranty is on it and can't think how in gods name I'm going to move it myself.

Model is JVC HV28P37 (the hidef CRT one).

Any ideas?
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I had a similar problem a few years back on my mums 28" WS philips. It was power related I believe from what I can remember, a component within the power supply. Cost about £120 to fix from the local tv repair man, although on a top end crt like yours may be more... a bummer on a tv that's not that old

good luck
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Try contacting JVC direct, because of the age of the TV they may give you a discounted repair.

I think I read here or at AVForums that someone had done this.
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Old 24-02-2007, 09:47   #4
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ouch, £120 .. i gotta work out what the cut off point is where i don't bother getting it fixed. its a great set, but not high end it just happens to have a few great features on it that aren't common , and cost about £380 when bought. the repair man just picked it up and he's saying its not like most of the JVCs now and its more of a "genuine" one like they used to make.

with regards to JVC themselves, they use a repair centre that i can't get to anymore as my dads unable to drive (and i don't have a license despite my age, inner city living and all) and i took a camcorder to them before and it lasted maybe an hour before the problems restarted.

fingers crossed its something wonderfully simple and will cost only a basic charge and not give me a problem again.
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