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Old 19-09-2005, 12:35   #1
The Allmighty
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Advent Laptops - Any Good?

Went into currys lunchtime and saw an Advent 12" w/s laptop that had a reasonable processor (Centrino 1.6) and a really nice screen. Very small size which appeals to me greatly.

Anyone know if their laptops are any good? The specific model was a 7048 but I can't seem to find out much yet on the net (can't even find it on their websites!)

Any comments gratefully appreciated.
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I think Advent are a PC World own brand.

Probably decent enough value for money but reckon they would be using budget parts in the build.

When it comes to laptops particularly I would prefer to stick with well known recommended brands. The likes of Toshiba, Sony, Dell etc
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Old 19-09-2005, 14:07   #3
White Line
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I had an Advent laptop, bought it about 4 years ago. A sticker underneath revealed that it was actually a re-badged Gericom machine and the Gericom website was very good with all drivers and support I ever needed. The only problem I had with it was a short battery life (2 hours max) and I could never get Linux to run on it. The chap I sold it to is still using it and is also quite happy with it. As for a website, I never found an actual Advent site, so pop back in the shop and see if you can get a look at the real manufacturer.

I've got an Acer now, that's pretty good too although it rarely leaves the house so I couldn't really comment on portability.
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Old 19-09-2005, 14:46   #4
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I think Advent also use rebadged NEC units.

Or was that Packard Bell use rebadged NEC units...
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Old 19-09-2005, 14:52   #5
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Knackered Smell are NEC junk.

Advent (or Shedvent as we unfairly labeled them in Dixons) are made by the lowest bidder, Hi Grade/Gericom/Medion and the like. Generally ok, made of generic parts, easy to sort out drivers and such. The casings used to be flashy, if a little low rent.

If its cheap enough, snap it up.
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Old 19-09-2005, 16:52   #6
The Allmighty
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Wasn't overly cheap (£749) but what impressed me was the quality of the screen: I currently use my daughter's dell and I find it quite dim. The advent was really bright and looked as good as, if not better than, the other significantly more expensive units there (I know set up can vary).

It had a reasonable processor, a slightly small hard drive (40gb) but it seemed to strike a reasonable balance of size against function. I find my daughter's dell to be quite sizeable and was looking for something more compact.

I was initially going to get an iBook, the 12" model but there are two things that concern me about it: firstly the screen is again not too bright, very much like the dell, secondly it features accelleration on the trackpad which I'm finding a little awkward to use after using non accellerated PC trackpads.

I was hoping that someone here would have bought one as I'm concerned about battery life etc as the iBook will last for ages on a charge (and it does have OS X).

I find it irritating that I can't find out any further tech specs on the advent. It makes me concerned about finding more about it should things go wrong with it.

EDIT: just managed to find it on the Curry's website. I took the number down incorrectly, it was a 7078. The only problem I can see with it is they reckon the battery will only last just over an hour: that's no good at all

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Old 19-09-2005, 17:22   #7
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PC World / Advent just use whichever generic laptop manufacturer is doing the best deal that month. You might be lucky and get a decent one with good support from the original manufacturer in terms of drivers and the like, or be stuck with a useless POS that will be uneconomic to repair out of warranty because the parts are too rare / expensive. Plus it means dealing with PC World, even if it's in warranty.

I'd keep an eye on the Dell Outlet for a Latitude X1 - they're very nice 12" widescreens (a rebranded Samsung, in fact) and come with 3 years onsite warranty. I've seen ones go through there at the £700 sort of mark in the past.

Or eBuyer have the Toshiba A200 for £680 which is a good bet. Nearly 4 hours on battery in the review tests.

Personally, I'd buy the iBook.
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