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The Bear
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I have an Unlimited Card at Cineworld now, so may just go and see it anyway. Depends how bored I get that week.
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Ellis Retire!
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Its got Alexandra Daddario in it.....
Up the Villa!
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now with added cymbals
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Originally Posted by Jez View Post
Its got Alexandra Daddario in it.....
I think she's hot as **** but in all honesty she didn't look all that good in it
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Saw this at a preview last night in Shepherds Bush. (Absolutely packed cinema).

The film makers have tried to do a '21/22 Jump Street' movie.
However, it doesn't work. As with the 21 Jump Street film, you have a serious storyline about a drug dealer & associated corrupt officials. mixed in with comedy set piece scenes. The problem is that there is no equivalent of Jonah Hill to drive the comedy. The first half hour or so of character establishment is funny- but the 2nd half of the film gets too serious.
Zac Efrron's character is probably the worse thing in it- as he's plays a good looking idiot, without the wit & humour that he brought to 'Bad Neighbours' 1 & 2.

The outtakes at the end of the film aren't even funny, unless you count 'The Rock', struggling to pronounce- coroner's office.
There are two cameos- one with the 'Hoff' & another with Pamela Anderson- who doesn't even get any dialogue, and is only on screen for about 15 seconds.

The film is nice to look at in 'eye candy' terms. The 2 set pieces- one in a morgue & another early on at the beach are fun to watch, along with a couple of running jokes involving a black police officer & also the pet names that 'The Rock' keeps coming up with for Effron's character. There is also some 'geek' wish fulfillment with the 'blonde'.

The Goldie Hawn / Amy Schumer film 'Snatched' which has been dreadfully reviewed, nevertheless has more jokes that land in the first 20 minutes, than Baywatch had, in its lengthy 2 hour running time.
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Memories of Saturday Tea Times on ITV in the 90's.. 😎
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Originally Posted by lentini View Post
I think she's hot as **** but in all honesty she didn't look all that good in it
I love Alexandra Daddario but she was wasted in this. She was like the face of the audience and most shots of her was just facial reaction to what was going on.

I actually preferred Kelly Rohrbach in this.
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