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Old 29-06-2017, 07:56   #21
Ellis Retire!
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Its very well put together and very enjoyable but probably wont have the lasting power of Shaun or Fuzz.

Also another terrible fake baby!
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Very enjoyable but didn't live up to the huge hype. The choreography & editing of the action to the soundtrack is sublime but once you get past that, there's not much left to admire. I thought Hamm was the best in the acting department, followed closely by Spacey. Everyone else was ok with the little they had.

Biggest issue with the movie is the female parts. Gonzalez is just eye-candy & Lily James's character is non-existent & needed some kind of back-story to explain why she does what she does. Also the chemistry between her & Baby was slim. Their early scenes together were cute & adorable but ultimately led nowhere & lessened the drama in the last act.

Oh & as usual, almost all the best scenes/action are in the trailers.

Scott Pilgrim remains my favourite Wright movie for now...

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Just back from seeing it. Hugely enjoyable. The direction and soundtrack is fantastic. Hamm and Foxx were great.
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Old 30-06-2017, 23:00   #24
Arthur Fowler
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Loved it. Great action, superb car chases, brilliant music.
The shoot out with Hocus Pocus was fantastic, brutal and funny at the same time.
Only disappointment was the extreme brevity of Radar Love.

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Old 03-07-2017, 22:03   #25
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Well that was a slight disappointment.

Like a lot of people, I probably hyped it up too much, but I was underwhelmed.

That opening heist, and the street walk that followed it, were the pinnacle of the film.

The rest was enjoyable but with nowhere near enough ideas to deliver on the initial concept.

For the last 45 minutes I couldn't help feeling like they took Baby out of the car way too much. Every time I was hoping for another badass car chase, they'd let him drive for 30 seconds and then send him for a run.

At least Edgar has retained his horror sensibilities with some nicely over the top death sequences.
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Old 09-07-2017, 15:04   #26
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I enjoyed this immensely. Great music choice, brilliant opening scenes with the car chase and the coffee walk.

It did perhaps lose a little steam towards the end, and as much as I love Lily James, she wasn't exactly given much to do.

What was great was seeing an original movie on the big screen with interesting, albeit pretty diabolical, characters, great music and witty and coherent direction.
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Originally Posted by Robby View Post

What was great was seeing an original movie on the big screen with interesting, albeit pretty diabolical, characters, great music and witty and coherent direction.
100% this..

While I was mildly disappointed overall, cinema needs more films like this. Superhero films and this incessant need to create on-going franchises has taken it's toll over original film making over recent years.
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Old 09-07-2017, 17:56   #28
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Saw it again today, and loved it even more. I think going in with more familiarity of the soundtrack (which I've been listening to loads) made it a more fun experience too.
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Old 18-07-2017, 22:30   #29
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In case anyone was wondering what the film was like:
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William Shatners Wig
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Loved this. However, the chemistry between Debbie and Baby should have been the main focus. Not the other villains. Not enough time to really care about Deborah as a character.
Because of this it falls behind True Romance for me.
Saying that, the music, choreography, visuals and editing are all spot on.

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The Bear
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The film was pretty bog standard plot wise, but the way Edgar Wright constructs scenes is always really fun and enjoyable. Jon Hamm was great too. Spacey wasn't really given much to do so kind of phoned it in really.

I liked it but it still wasn't as good as Scott Pilgrim.
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