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Originally Posted by The Bear View Post
That was the shield which made him feel sick wasn't it?
Yeah it might have been the shield now come to think of it.
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Is there a reason why they can't have 2 pillars either side of the driver's head? Leaving the forward view unobstructed?
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The whole point is to protect from stray things hitting the driver's head front the front. Removing the front part of the protection negates the whole idea of it.
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I don't get it. Surely every F1 driver realises there's an element of danger, you're going 200mph ffs! I understand they don't want people to die but when you're doing that speed you have a probability of dying! F1 is just turning into this sanitised thing that I'm slowly getting bored of watching.

I would imagine even the drivers are bored of it now (not the pay) and really want to be driving the old pre-1994/5 cars when you were actually driving a car with a turbo and no computers.
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For anyone who strongly disagrees with it, what do you actually think will happen if the FIA drop it because 'it didn't look very good' and there's an incident that it may have prevented?

You have people arguing that this isn't the best solution, that it can hinder extraction - but the fact is that there isn't a better implementation right now. The FIA have proper testing and experts looking at the advantages and disadvantages. At best, we're armchair experts.

If the drivers use it for a race or two, and object strongly, at least the FIA can say they tested it properly. If it's withdrawn at that point on the basis of driver feedback, fair enough.

And I don't get the argument about it being a dangerous sport. That's no reason not to attempt to reduce the risks to drivers where appropriate.
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What next though? Stabilisers on Moto GP?
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We don't get many deaths unfortunately, would this have provided some protection to the last one? Aside from freak accidents, we've now got the run off areas, it's pretty safe, so this flying debris seemed to be the last preventable.

Makes sense for them to try and do something about it.
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Originally Posted by T4V View Post
yeah, don't you long for the days when Jackie Stewart et al were attending funerals on a monthly basis?
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Some pics from Silverstone last weekend!
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