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Single and hating it
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[Netflix] 13 Reasons Why

I found this a difficult watch at times, but I feel like it has quite an important story to tell. At the same time, it's execution may push things in the wrong direction.

I found the acting great and the overall story caused a couple of sleepless nights for me. What lets it down is the characterisation, and as a non-American I found a lot of the high school culture distracting and confusing, because it made so little sense to me.

It also perhaps trivialises depression and fails to offer some super important avenues of help for anyone considering suicide. But I couldn't help but be drawn in.

A big flaw is that it's clearly written for teenagers (despite the 18 rating) and lacks the appeal that other shows based around high school have managed to find for older viewers. These kids act ridiculously stupidly and it can be difficult to relate to them.

I'm really glad I watched it, though.
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I watched it in a couple of days, and found the last episode very powerful, hard to watch (especially the scene in the hot tub) and well written. I did enjoy it (and I'm far from being a teenager unfortunately) although thought it could have been better if it was 6 or maybe 8 episodes.

I thought one of the points they were making was that depression is seen as trivial, not real by a lot of people, thats why no one noticed, and why she did what she did. I see that regularly, people when they find out someone has anxiety or depression tend to say 'awww you'll be ok, just pull yourself together', or 'don't worry, nothing a few drinks won't sort, get yourself out on the lash, bet you feel better after that'.

For the suicide, I saw this link promoted quite heavily 13reasonswhy.info so they did offer a little support, but certainly didn't think they glamourised it as many reviews have mentioned, they made it look extremely painful, showed the aftermath of being found, and the pain they leave behind.

Thought the acting was pretty much excellent, especially from both Hannah and Clay.
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I pretty much agree with dvds2000, and found the interview programme with cast, crew, professionals and support group gave me an extra perspective.
That was some of the hardest television I've sat through though.
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Me and the missus finished this the other day. Really 'enjoyed' it (if you get my drift) but we did feel slightly underwhelmed by the ending, as in literally the last few scenes as there were loads of unanswered questions but.....

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Watched this with the wife in a week and we both thought it was great. Reminded me of Veronica Mars in a weird way. The lead guy was really good.
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Just watched this over the weekend. Some of the best TV I can remember seeing.
Definitely didn't think it glamourised it. I looked away when she did the bit in the Tub.

As been said some of the most difficult TV I can remember back seeing and how everything seemed to be against her..

I really felt for her.. Last episode I was,is that it? (In the last few scenes) but then I thought they were setting up for S2.

Really excellent acting from Clay and Hannah.
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