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I'll just quote myself from a few months ago:

Originally Posted by kanedaa View Post
Plusnet don't throttle anything, but they do have traffic prioritisation.


I've been with them for years and have never seen any slowdown. My line peaks at 9MB/s and I get that on usenet/p2p etc at all times.
And just to be clear, when I said "never seen any slowdown" I meant in relation to traffic management. I've had issues with my line that I've spoken about before, but those weren't due to any traffic management/prioritisation/shaping.
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I've had a bizarre past couple of months sorting out a switch to BT from Sky.

Was going to go for full package and placed an order so I could get all the quidco cashback and reward card...only for BT to cancel order in error (wrongly indicating no capacity in my area).

Placed another order, which was cancelled due to some screwup on the system due to the first order!

I had to wait a month, reinstall my Sky BB, and then place a new order with BT once everything from the first 2 screwups were addressed. Got BT all set up and running at 70mbps even though it's supposed to be just Infinity1!

The strange bit is that, despite cancellations, I've not also got an extra BT tv box and BB router delivered out of the blue and last week I've just had £90, then £130 quidco cachback paid up for the two cancelled orders! (still got £90 tracking for the order I actually got!)
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Thanks guys, will look at the BT deals if I re-sign using cashback, but ideally I'd want to leave them IF I can get a similar service for cheaper.
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