View Full Version : Sky+ issue,no signal on some chnls,please look in if you think u may be able to help

02-01-2009, 20:06
ive had a sky+ box just running off one feed for about 6 months now and today when ive finally got round to wiring it all back in(all the wirings ok btw)

on the signal test bit first of all the second one had no signal and then i tried to record on two channels at once sky 1 and sky 2 and on sky 2 it says there is no signal. then i tried recording sky 1 and watch which working and then gave me signal on the second input how ever on channels like sky 2 and sky 3 and some movies and various others it still says no signall even when both inputs now have signal and are locked.

does anyone have any ideas?

got up this morning and it was working and now its not again.

swine hund
still not working on sky 2 sky 3 and most of the movies and paramount....

any one help me out here?

right sky 2 is now sort of working but getting a picture like its buffering off the internet or something?

and for some reason the signal strength has gone right down ? on both of them in fact input one is less than half way across when normally its only a couple from the end and its signal quality is zero not even one block when again normally its right over in the good end.

input 2 how ever is 3/4 full on both signal and quality

sky 1 has a great picture by the way.

if i dont get any joy here ill start a new thread rather than carry on trashing this forumites

EDIT 8am

sky 2 / 3 are now working again fine, both inputs signals and quality are 3/4 of the way up

i dare not turn it over lol. please does anyone have a idea?

EDIT 4.30pm sky 2 is now so jittery and cutting out its unwatchable yet both signals and quality are at near full

NOW im getting no signal received on sky 2 3 fx and most of the movies.

on the signal test both inputs have a good signal and both are of good quality and both are locked.

02-01-2009, 20:20
I had a similar problem on a Sky HD box.

Signal on feed 1 and none on 2, then 2 had signal and 1 didn't. Then they would both have signal but kinda weak.

Thinking it was the Cables or LNB I got my mate out who tested the cables and feeds and they were perfect. When he tapped the back of the box were the Feeds screwed in the signal jumped from being on or off on one of the feeds.

He's got the box now and I'm using my old Sky+ box. That was a nightmare as Sky Disaster Services couldnt get why i was downgrading to SD when my account was HD. All I wanted to do was Match the card to the box.

02-01-2009, 21:00
hmmm well at the moment i have both feeds locked and working but no channels on the above ones?

03-01-2009, 12:28
blimey anyone?

05-01-2009, 11:44
anyone please.pretty please?

Im out of warranty so no good ringing sky.........

Now when i got in this morning sky2 and sky 3 were working along with all the movie channels, then about 4 minutes ago it started cutting out. Now its saying no signal being received again.

05-01-2009, 12:00
Are you noticing any pattern to when it cuts out? Maybe it's some sort of interference or a faulty box. Would it be possible to borrow ideally another Sky+ or Sky box from somewhere so you can start eliminating elements in the chain (dish, NLB, cabling or connectors).


05-01-2009, 13:38
i woulnt of thought it was cabling as its a new lnb and new wiring and im quite safe at wiring lol, plus the signal and quality in skys self test wouldnt be there if it was faulty.

borrowing someone elses box is a option i spose but how many people are williing to unplug everything and bring it round to me.

05-01-2009, 15:44
I think this is a common issue (though I thought it was more often SkyHD boxes) with the signal just suddenly going on certain groups of channels, my BBC2 and 4 channels seem very bad, comes and goes slightly but was recently watching BBC2 and the channel would drop out about every 20 minutes, unplugging the box for a few minutes would then fix it.

Haven't got to the bottom of it, have periods when it seems like just about every recording on certain channels will fail then it will be OK again for a while. Few forums have suggested it is a fault with the box but nothing definite and sounds like it's common enough that even replacing the box isn't a guarantee of sorting it.

So, can't be much help to you, but you're not alone!

05-01-2009, 18:04
hmm glad im not paying a fortune for everything now. seeing as im not hd a virgin v box is looking more the better.

05-01-2009, 19:27
One option is to pay for a Sky callout. I think it's 65 and a fix is guaranteed. Not bad value.

05-01-2009, 20:43
hmm i guess its a option

05-01-2009, 20:57
Not saying it's the reason in your case, but it could be a PSU on its way out...

I have an HD box and they are fairly well known for failing PSUs after about 15-18 months use. Essentially, your signal will be ok but you get pixellated channels (mine were mainly later music ones - Scuzz onwards).

If out of warranty, you can change the PSU yourself - no more difficult than fiddling inside a PC. It's a few screws and straight replacement. You can buy the replacement PSUs from www.satcure.co.uk (I looked up the HD version - the Sky+ one might be different). However, it's quite a 'one man band' so might be a wait for a refurbed PSU. Check the site.

They're about 32 last time I checked and on an exchange basis. Cheaper than the Sky call out charge and you'll keep your programmes but maybe a bit of a chance it's not the answer...

EDIT - HD PSU and + PSU are the same: http://www.satcure.co.uk/accs/psu.htm

06-01-2009, 09:45
hmm i still think its a tuner issue personally.

I reckon im gonna play it safe and just pay the 60, at least ill have a full working box with warranty again.

23-01-2009, 07:31
hmm havnt had the 60 spare yet, spoke to sky and they said it could be a signal or lnb problem.

Might try and have a fiddle with the lnb