View Full Version : SONY HOME THEATRE KIT HTK170 whats your opinion?

omega man
13-10-2001, 19:56
thinking of buying this any good?
thank you for all comments

15-10-2001, 12:47
O man - nothing worse than posting & getting no one arsed to reply ... I have a M8 who has this Sony HTK and it sounds decent enough - I even recommended it to my sister when she was after a "minimalist" system for her lounge (the speakers are tiny - about the size of half a brick) If you have never heard an AV setup you would think the HTK170 was great - If you have heard a decent system of seperates (like I have) you would notice the quality is quite poor in comparison ... My sister opted for the Sony HTK475 which comprises a seperate amp and speaker setup & gives her the option of upgrading the speakers at a later date ... The HTK475 is 100 dearer and IMO sounds slightly better than the HTK170 (but I dont think there is any upgrade potential with the HTK170) ... Hope this helps - Paul ;)